Civil Service Christian Union (Northern Ireland)

What I like most about the CSCU(NI)

'Within the work place it's difficult to get opportunities to talk to people about our Christian lives. But, in the CSCU group we have a safe space to express our faith openly. We undertake studies to meditate on God's word, have a time of prayer, and are surrounded by people who face similar challenges - and who can help encourage, guide and direct our paths to God.'

Former Clarence Court Group Leader

'In a busy world it can be so easy to be 'too busy' for CSCU. Yet I recall days like this where I still attended a CSCU meeting - and was glad I did! Through a Bible message, something shared in the meeting, or the prayer of another, I received strength, encouragement or just the word I needed on a particular day! Had I chosen to miss the meeting, I'd have simply missed this.'

Former Castle Court Group Leader

'I believe I'd developed what some people call 'a God shaped void' and needed to address it. I felt drawn to learn about Holy Scripture So off I went to the CSo with my Bible discreetly hidden in my pocket. I'm glad I did.

If you find yourself endlessly busy but not convinced that your life has any real rhyme or reason, then come, listen, chat and relax. You could learn about where you came from, why you're here and what you might want to do about it. I know, I did.'

Retired, former member of Castle Buildings CSCU group

'I like CSCU because God speaks to me there - through the Bible passage, and through other Christians - and because speaking with God in prayer is the most important thing that we do with our time on earth. It's also the best - maybe only - place where we can really focus on the mission field we spend most time in. And it's the most enjoyable part of my working week!'

Castle Buildings CSCU group member

'For me the CSCU was a haven I could go to in the middle of a very busy day to meet with fellow believers, hear the word of God and pray. It was a place where I had the freedom to be myself, and where lasting friendships were made. There were times when we rejoiced together, and sometimes even cried together - but I always came away feeling better for being there.'

Retired, former member of Castle Court CSCU group)

'Meeting with my CSCU group at lunchtime gives me the opportunity to meet with God's people and forget about the busyness of work. The brief time at CSCU is a blessing as we study and unpack God's word together in His presence.'

Castle Buildings group member

'RM: the Resident Master or Round-Up Man - but whichever way you put it the Representative Member is just a person like you, who wants to meet over God's Word and learn from their colleagues. So, instead of making a Right Mess of our lives, let's look to our Righteous Messiah for the Real Meaning and our Right Moves in following Him. The challenge is the 'Right Mixture' of people who come to find the Reasonable Meaning in the study passage for our Real Mission. That's all there is to it - it's Really Mind-blowing.'

Clarence Court Group Leader (Representative Member)

'What I enjoy most about the CSCU is the close fellowship of the regular and consistent believers who attend the weekly meetings. From a personal perspective the best aspect is the weekly prayer meetings. The greatest aspect of the CSCU is it being a body of believers, all from different grades, backgrounds and churches, who unite together to pray for their work colleagues, the sick, the civil service, the government and the nation.'

Stormont Castle Group Leader

'I first became acquainted with the CSCU in 1973 and joined in 1978. I like it primarily because it unites believers of all traditions, revealing that we are made one in Christ with the vision to spread the gospel message among our colleagues. The other thing I like is that it includes retired as well as serving members, and for me this is a means of keeping in contact with my last place of employment.'

Retired, former leader of Health Estates group